Information in English

We are a local Scout group called Näsijärven Kipinät (meaning Näsijärvi’s Sparks) based in Tampere, Finland. The group was founded in September 2016. We offer scouting for everyone, regardless of for example age, gender or religious beliefs. The group uses mainly Finnish and all scouts need to know basic Finnish in order to take part, but we welcome people from all backgrounds and can for example answer parents’ questions in English if needed.

Our activity is based on both land and water. We have a sailing boat and canoes so we are able to educate young Scouts on sea scouting.

Information regarding the values and ideals of Scouting can be found here.

Here are some links with further information about scouting to get started:
Scouting is a great hobby for children
Scouting is a great hobby for adults
A multi-language broschure about scouting (PDF)

You can find the patrols we have organized by age here (page in Finnish). We have patrols for all age groups, starting with family scouting (perhepartio) where even young babies are welcome and ending in the adults’ group that meets up once a month.

Contact information:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at nasijarvenkipinat(at) should you have any questions or want to join. We will respond in English, if you wish so.

Family scouting group visiting a fire station.